RV Park Lighting Solutions

Horizon Land Development Group offers an RV space number light that is unique in both its looks and attractive in its ability for the guest to see the space numbers clearly both at night and during the day.

These lights are a unique and practical must for any higher end RV Resort.  They are also very competitively priced compared to other bollard style lighting.

With its down cast reflective lighting, the numbers are clearly seen without the light becoming intrusive to the guests around it.

A “shear” system is also incorporated within the base in the event of someone running into the light.  If an accident occurs, the screws attaching the light to the base will shear, the light can be simply re-attached to the base.

The Space number lights use a standard LED outdoor flood light that enables the park operators to customize the color and brightness of the lights. The lights will accommodate up to a PAR 38 bulb with a 1400 lumens rating. We recommend testing a variety of color and brightness of bulbs before purchasing all of the bulbs.  We have found that a PAR 30, 1000 lumen, 3000K bulb works very well in the natural Patina lights.

RV space numbers are plasma cut into the light post.

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