Construction Consulting

Engineering, Entitlements and Pre-Construction Consulting

Our company provides full civil and electrical engineering services, specializing in RV and Mobile Home Parks.

We provide comprehensive pre-construction and entitlement consulting.  This is billed on an hourly basis plus out-of-pocket expenses with a retainer.

We help our clients to avoid the numerous and costly problems that we’ve seen in so many new RV Parks such as problematic utility design and placement, RV site access, road widths, etc.

Engineering & Design Manual Content

Our Engineering & Design Manual can be customized for each client and is used with engineers, contractors and architects.  It includes critical information for the correct design and building of an RV Park.

Sample Content:

SectionPage Number
I. Disclaimers3
II. Civil Engineering Information4
III. RV Sites6
IV. Road Design Notes10
V. Concrete items11
VI. Water and Sewer14
VII. Electrical Information19
VIII. Typical Clubhouse Layout35
IX. Satellite Bathhouse and Laundry38
X. Pool and Outdoor Recreation48
XI. Wi-Fi and TV63
XII. Propane Dispensing Specifications67